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Content Introduction Nocturnal walk Andasibe Mantadia Palmarium Species List Text only

List of species seen

Meller's Duck

2 over lake Ampisabe, on the boat transfer to Palmarium

Madagascar Grebe 

2 at Mantadia, on a small lake surrounded by trees

Sacred Ibis 

16 Nairobi airport, most of which were in a channel and seen from the tAndesibeiing plane

Madagascar Ibis 

1 Andasibe, where it was startled next to a river in the forest and flew off

Striated Heron 

1 Andasibe Hotel paddies

Squacco Heron

Fairly common in paddies on journey to Andasibe; 2 rice paddies in Tana

Western Cattle Egret

2 from IC Hotel, Tana; fairly common in paddies on journey to Anasibe

Black-headed Heron

Nairobi – 1 standing motionless next to runway, seen from terminal

Great Egret

1 in paddies on journey to Andasibe; 1 on boat to Tamatave

Black Heron

5 together in paddies on outskirts of Tana, seen from car while leaving for Andesibe


1 in paddies on journey to Andasibe

Frances's Sparrowhawk

1 took chameleon at Palmarium. It was first seen hanging upside down clinging on to the reptile, eventually righting itself and flying off with the prize from just outside of the reception

Yellow-billed Kite

1 Nairobi airport

Madagascar Buzzard 

1 over Andesibe forest

Malagasy Kestrel

1 from IC Hotel, Tana, when it landed on a TV aerial briely

Lanner Falcon 

1 Nairobi – perched on a post for some time before skimming off low over the scrub next to the adjacent nature park

White-fronted Plover

1 Palmarium, on a remote beach next to the annexe

Speckled Pigeon

5 Nairobi airport

Malagasy Turtle Dove

1 Andasibe

Madagascar Blue Pigeon

2, 1 Andasibe

Lesser Vasa Parrot 

4 Mantadia

Malagasy Coucal 

Pair Andasibe, 3 Palmarium. In addition, their calls were commonly heard, even at night on the nocturnal walks

Crested Coua 

One bird was seen each of the three days at the Palmarium – there were probably 2 individuals seen

Blue Coua

1 briefly seen flying across a clearing at Andasibe;1 at Mantadia was seen much more clearly within the forest

Madagascar Cuckoo 

1 seen at Mantadia, many calling

Madagascar Nightjar 

1 Tamatave airport, where at least 2 were heard calling at dusk, and then one was seen next to the runway

Madagascar Spinetail

2 Andasibe; 6 Mantadia

African Palm Swift

Quite common Nairobi airport

Malagasy Black Swift

2 over water at Andasibe Hotel

Little Swift

Common Nairobi airport

Cuckoo Roller 

1 Mantadia – their call was common each morning in Andesibe and Mantadia, but they were difficult to see, keeping to the high canopy of the forests

Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher

1 Mantadia

Malagasy Kingfisher

1 Mantadia flying away from us along stream; 1 between banks in channel on boat transfer to the Palmarium; 6 in channel on boat to Tamatave

Olive Bee-eater

1 from IC Hotel, Tana; 1 Mantadia; 2 over channel towards Palmarium; 2 from boat on way to Tamatave

Red-tailed Vanga

1 Andasibe, in mixed flock consisting mainly of White-eyes

Hook-billed Vanga

Family of about 4 Palmarium in the small forest, seen early evening next to the main track

Blue Vanga

1 Andasibe; 1 Mantadia

Tylas Vanga

1 Mantadia

Nuthatch Vanga

2 Mantadia

Common Newtonia

2 separate birds Andasibe

Madagascar Cuckooshrike

1 Mantadia

Crested Drongo

Pair Andasibe; 1 on track to Vakona Lodge; 2 Mantadia; 4 singles from boat on way to Tamatave

Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher 

1 male, 2 females, and white male with female in mixed flock Andasibe; about 8 Mantadia, including white male

Pied Crow

Common around Nairobi airport

Malagasy Bulbul

1 in grounds of Andasibe Hotel; 5 Andasibe; common Mantadia; 4 Palmarium

Mascarene Martin

At least one amongst a small number or martins from IC Hotel, Tana

Black Sawwing

2 Nairobi airport

Malagasy Brush Warbler

3 Mantadia, where they were skulking and very difficult to pick out

Long-billed Bernieria 

1 Mantadia

Spectacled Tetraka

1 Andasibe

Rand's Warbler 

1 singing at the top of a high tree in the parking area at Mantadia as we arrived

Malagasy White-eye

1 in grounds of Andasibe Hotel; quite common Andasibe;common Mantadia

Common Myna

About 30 from IC Hotel, Tana; regular on journey from Tana to Andasibe 1 Palmarium

Superb Starling 

Groups of 3 and about 8 Nairobi Airport

Red-winged Starling 

1 Nairobi airport

Madagascar Magpie-Robin

2 separate birds Vakona Lodge area; 3 Mantadia

Madagascar Stonechat 

1 from IC Hotel, Tana; 1 in grounds of Andasibe Hotel; pair Andasibe Hotel; 1 Mantadia

Souimanga Sunbird

Pair Andasibe, Pair Vakona Lodge area; 2 Mantadia; common palmarium

Malagasy Green Sunbird

Separate male and female Palmarium

Nelicourvi Weaver

1 male on way to Mantadia

Red Fody

Females Andasibe Hotel

Forest Fody

4 Mantadia

Madagascar Wagtail

1 from IC Hotel, Tana; 3 Andasibe Hotel; 1 Mantadia

African Pied Wagtail

1 Nairobi airport

Mammals seen

Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur

2 night walk on second evening Andisibe. The first was one of the first finds of the evening, on its own feeding on fruits. The second was with the Woolly Lemurs on the opposite side of the road

Goodman's Mouse Lemur

Single individuals were seen on both of the night walks at Andisbe. The first was very active and seen within the forest. The second was quite the opposite, dozing in a low bush at the side of the road, unperturbed by its human onlookers

Brown Lemur 

3, 1 Mantadia. A group of 3 were seen early on in the morning, feeding very close to us and at eye level from a meagre track up a bank. The second was on its own, feeding half way up a tall tree next to the pond containing grebes

Red-bellied Lemur 

2 Andasibe. Initially very active, this pair had to be tracked down well off the track, where they were above the group and difficult to make out. They eventually moved into more open canopy, which wasn’t too high, and settled down in a ball to sleep

Grey Bamboo Lemur

1 Andasibe. This was the first of our diurnal lemurs, and was situated only a few metres from the open track. Problem was that it feeding in dense bamboo, which while not high was very dense. A bit of patience revealed the animal, but still through gaps in the bamboo

Eastern Woolly Lemur

3 Andasibe night walk. These were in a group and very busily feeding and scurrying up and down the trees from the road. One had a baby attached 


3, 5 Andasibe. Of the 62 family groups of Indri in the Andisibe reserve, only two are allowed approach, and they are generally easy to find, sue to their small territories. We saw both groups, the second with a baby, and the first demonstrated the power in their call by opening up in the trees right above our heads

Diademed Sifaka

8 Mantadia. This group was probably the most satisfying of all the lemurs which we saw. We had spent nearly 5 hours in the forest and came across a couple with guide who had recently seen a lone Sifaka. We tried to locate the position, which was a few hundred metres away, and on a small track, but were lucky enough to find the whole group. We stayed with them for around half an hour, where they were content to go about their business at very close quarters for the whole time. As with the Indri, there was also a baby in this group


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Content Introduction Nocturnal walk Andasibe Mantadia Palmarium Species List Text only