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List of species seen

Black-necked Grebe

North Sewage Pools (1)

Little Grebe

North Sewage Pools (2)

Brown Booby

A single bird was fishing off the north beach at 7:20 am on 29-3-98


3 birds flying together over North Beach

Night Heron

Yotvata Sewage Pools (1)

Cattle Egret

Up to 5 birds feeding on camels at Yotvata, and 16 birds roosting together at Yotvata Sewage Pools late evening

Squacco Heron

Eilat Saltpans (2), Yotvata Sewage Pools (1), Timna Lake (1), North Beach (2)

Striated Heron

North Beach (2 on mooring lines)

Little Egret

Up to 4 at North Beach on mooring lines

Great White Egret

7 birds flew over North Beach on 25-3-98

Western Reef Heron

At least 4 white phase birds on mooring lines at North Beach

Grey Heron

Regularly seen over Eilat area

Purple Heron

One confiding bird emerged from the reeds at Yotvata Sewage Pools

White Stork

Seen only overhead on passage (apart from single bird in fields near En Avedat gorge) - 2 groups of 40 and 20 over Eilat

Black Stork

A resting group of 32 birds on the slopes of Mount Yoash took to thermals at around 9:30 am on 29-3-98; Eilat (1 over); North Reservoirs (1 over)

Greater Flamingo

68 birds together on North Reservoirs


North Reservoirs (group of 12)


North Reservoirs (group of 8)


North Sewage Pools (1 on pool); North Beach (flock of 60); Yotvata (group of 3)


North Reservoirs (2)

Black Kite

Small numbers seen daily, including Red Kite like aegypticus race

Egyptian Vulture

2 over date plantation; 10 at En Avedat gorge

Short-toed Eagle

Eilat (1,1); Yotvata (1 perched on cliff top); near Nizzana (1 perched on hill)

Marsh Harrier

Canal area (1); Yotvata (1)

Hen Harrier

K33 (1); Nizzana (1)

Steppe Buzzard

Exceptional numbers passed through, particularly early in the week. Total numbers were probably between 2-3000

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Eilat (1)

Steppe Eagle

Eilat (2,3)

Bonelli's Eagle

1 bird circling at En Avedat gorge was probably of the breeding pair there

Booted Eagle

1 dark phase bird passing over Eilat with other raptors


North Reservoirs (1); North Beach (1,1)


Seen occasionally throughout the week

Lesser Kestrel

Canal area (1); Yotvata (1)


A pair of birds were over the rough ground adjacent to the Ben Gurion college (top of the En Avedat gorge entrance). One was subsequently seen chasing a Crow


Nizzana (4); En Avedat gorge (2)

Sand Partridge

7 birds came to the Timna Lake area just before dusk; also 2 in Wadi Shelomo


All birds seen were flushed from cover - Eilat (1); Greenhouses (4); Yotvata (1)


North Sewage Pools (3); Yotvata Sewage works (2)


North Sewage Pools (6)

Spotted Crake

North Sewage Pools (1)

Little Crake

Male and female together at North Sewage Pools


Flock of 7 passing over Eilat

McQueen's Bustard

3 separate birds at Nizzana, including 1 displaying


North Beach (1)

Black-winged Stilt

Saltpans (2); North Reservoirs (10)


North Reservoirs (1)

Ringed Plover

North Reservoirs (1)

Little Ringed Plover

North Sewage Pools (2), Yotvata Sewage works (1)

Grey Plover

North Reservoirs (2)

Kentish Plover

North Reservoirs (30)

Greater Sand Plover

Single summer plumaged female at North Reservoirs

Spur-winged Plover

Saltpans (6); North Sewage Pool area (40); Yotvata (16)

Little Stint

North Reservoirs (100)


North Reservoirs (70)


Saltpans (2)

Common Sandpiper

Yotvata Sewage works (1)

Wood Sandpiper

Yotvata Sewage works (1)

Green Sandpiper

Canal area (1); North Reservoirs and Sewage Pools (4); Yotvata Sewage works (2)


North Reservoirs (8), Yotvata Sewage works (1)


Canal area (2)


Canal area (1); North Sewage works (1)

Stone Curlew

Yotvata (1)

Slender-billed Gull

North Beach (60); North Reservoirs (10)

White-eyed Gull

North Beach (At least 8)

Great Black-headed Gull

Best count was 6 in the air following an explosion in Jordan - they may have been resting on the Jordanian side if the Red Sea coast

Black-headed Gull

North Beach (40)

Yellow-legged Herring Gull

North Beach

Armenian Gull

North Beach (10)

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Good numbers of birds passing over North Beach (on migration?)

Caspian Tern

North Beach (1)

Sandwich Tern

North Beach (1,1)

Common Tern

North Beach (1 on mooring ropes)

Little Tern

North Beach (2 fishing together on 1 occasion only)

Spotted Sandgrouse

A group of 6 birds flew overhead 7km south of Nizzana

Black-bellied Sandgrouse

20 birds were easy to see feeding in a ploughed field to the north of the Ben Gurion College perimeter fence

Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse

Large groups of birds were scattered over the open land 7km south of Nizzana. They were easily seen when flying, but could also be located on the ground by listening for the calls

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

About 150 birds in large flocks around K7 and K8, south of Nizzana. They were seen both on the ground and flying locally

Collared Dove


Palm Dove (Laughing Dove)


Namaqua Dove

2 males and a female bird were regulars at the greenhouses adjoining the North Reservoirs. The area around the last of the greenhouses before the track reaches the reservoirs is their favoured spot

Great Spotted Cuckoo

A single bird was approachable in the greenhouses just to the north of the date plantation

Little Owl

1 bird on a wall 8km south of Nizzana

Common Swift


Pallid Swift

Occasional at Eilat and En Avedat Gorge

Alpine Swift

Regularly seen in small numbers. The highest concentration was at En Avedat gorge


2 groups of birds were seen at Yotvata - 10 flew over on 27th, and a 50 landed beside (and on) the car to feed on winged termites just before dusk on 29th

Little Green Bee-eater

Seen most days in small numbers - Canal area (4); Date Plantation (4, and an extra 2 which may have been nesting between the border fences. All were of the Dead Sea Valley cyanophrys subspecies


Ben Gurion College (1)


1 flew along Canal

Pied Kingfisher

At least 4 birds in the North Beach and Canal area


Eilat (1); Yotvata (4,3); Nizzana (6); Wadi Sholom (1)


Yotvata (2,1), Wadi Sholom (1)

Hoopoe Lark

2 adults and a young bird at K33. Early morning is best, when they sing and show reasonably well

Short-toed Lark

Nizzana (10); En Avedat (10 young birds feeding together in fields north of Ben Gurion College)

Desert Lark

Pumping Station (1 drinking at artificial pool); K33 (3); Timna Lake (1 adult with juvenile next to lake); Nizzana (1)

Bar-tailed Desert Lark

K33 (3,3)

Crested Lark

Quite common in open areas


Very common

Rock Martin (Pale Crag Martin)

Canal (1); North Sewage works (1); Timna Lake (2); En Avedat (1)

Red-rumped Swallow

Very common

Sand Martin


House Martin


Tree Pipit

Eilat football fields (1 with flock of Red-throated Pipits)

Red-throated Pipit

Flock of 20 birds on Eilat football fields

Water Pipit

Canal (2); Eilat football fields (1)

Tawny Pipit

Pumping station (2); Fields adjacent to Ben Gurion College (20)

White Wagtail

Very common

Yellow Wagtail

Very common - black-headed feldegg most common, but blue-headed flava also quite common

Citrine Wagtail

Canal (2 males,1 female); North Sewage works (2 males); Yotvata sewage works (1 male)

Yellow-vented Bulbul

Very common and widespread in most habitats

Grey Hypocolius

A single male was in the open bushy area to the north of the greenhouse adjacent to the North Reservoirs. This is a barely annual visitor to the area

Southern Grey Shrike

Nizzana (4)

Masked Shrike

Up to 5 birds seen daily in habitats ranging from town parks to open land with scattered bushes

Woodchat Shrike

Canal area (1); North Sewage area (1); K33 (1); Yotvata (2); Wadi Sholom (1); North Reservoirs (2)

Reed Warbler

Canal (3); North Sewage Pools (2)

Basra Reed Warbler

A major rarity for Israel - 1 bird was seen in the reedbeds at North Sewage Pools

Sedge Warbler

North Sewage Pools (1); Yotvata Sewage works (3)

Graceful Warbler

Common in canal area of Eilat; individual birds seen elsewhere in various habitats

Scrub Warbler

Only seen in En Avedat gorge, where 2 of the 4 adults seen were feeding 5 newly fledged young

Olivaceous Warbler

Common in most areas with bushes or trees. Up to 10 seen daily


Occasional birds only seen in Lesser Whitethroat flocks

Lesser Whitethroat

Very common



Orphean Warbler

Wadi Sholom (8)

Sardinian Warbler

Saltpan area (2); Wadi Sholom (1)

Ruppell's Warbler

A single male found around the perimeter of Yotvata Holiday Village

Arabian Warbler

Yotvata (1 female)

Desert Warbler

K33 - 5 individuals were seen 1km south of the reported site. All birds were seen following an Isabelline Wheatear sitting on the top of the bush

Subalpine Warbler

Yotvata (1); Wadi Sholom (2)

Willow Warbler

North Sewage Pools (1)


Quite common

Eastern Bonelli's Warbler

Very common

Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler

Yotvata Holiday Village (1)

Blue Rock Thrush

Pumping Station (1); Wadi Sholom (1); Route 40 (1)

Rock Thrush

Single male in Wadi Zomech, which is a small wadi opposite the Palace Hotel (top of Jerusalem Street)

Northern Wheatear

Common and widespread

Isabelline Wheatear

K33 (2); Nizzana (2)

Black-eared Wheatear

North Beach (2 females); Date Palms (1 male); Yotvata (3 males)

Mourning Wheatear

6 birds were seen on Route 40, between Mizpe Ramon and Ashalim, including one pair feeding young in a roadside nesthole

Hooded Wheatear

2 females - at K33 and Yotvata Sewage works

White-tailed Wheatear

Eilat cemetery (3); Timna Valley (3); Wadi Sholom (5)

Red-tailed Wheatear

A female in Wadi Sholom was one of 3 birds which had overwintered. They are a rare bird for Israel (less than 10 records)


Common (up to 6 a day) in most rural and semi-rural areas


Up to 4 birds seen almost daily


Eilat (1)


Date Palms (1); Eilat Parks (2); North Sewage Pools (5); Yotvata (1 on 3 occasions, 4 on another); Timna (2)

Thrush Nightingale

Yotvata Holiday Camp (1)


Yotvata Holiday Camp (1)

Rufous Bush Robin

Park Ofira, Eilat (1); Yotvata Sewage works area (3 singing)

Arabian Babbler

Date Palms (1); Yotvata (2,1,2)

Palestine Sunbird

Yotvata (1,3,5); Timna Lake (4); Wadi Sholom (1,2); En Avedat (1)

Corn Bunting

Nizzana (1)

House Bunting

Wadi Sholom (2 singing males)


Date Palms (1); North Sewage Pools (1)

Cretzschmar's Bunting

Pumping Station (5); Nizzana (1); Date Palms (1)

Reed Bunting

Nizzana (1)


Nizzana (2)

Trumpeter Finch

Wadi Sholom (4,2)

Spanish Sparrow

Very common, with flocks of birds occasionally in the hundreds

House Sparrow


Dead Sea Sparrow

North Sewage works area (24); Yotvata Sewage works (100). Only a small proportion of the birds were males

Indian Silverbill

7 birds between the date palms and the border fence

Tristram's Grackle

Seen in both urban and rural areas. Flocks of up to 5 birds seen on most days

Brown-necked Raven

Reasonably frequent in small numbers in open areas

Hooded Crow

Only seen in small numbers in the Nizzana area

Indian House Crow

Reasonably common in Eilat area


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Species list

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