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Content Introduction Boquer Albufera Lluc Species List Text only

List of species seen

Common Shelduck

4 Albufera


2 Albufera

Red-crested Pochard

~20 Albufera

Cory's Shearwater

3 past Formentor; 1 past Puerto Soller

Balearic Shearwater

1 past Puerto Soller

Little Grebe

2 Albufera

Western Cattle Egret

~5 Albufera

Grey Heron

1 from villa; 1 Albufera

Little Egret

~12 Albufera

Great Cormorant

1 Puerto Pollensa; 3 from Formentor; 1 Puerto Soller

Western Osprey

1 Puerto Pollensa; 2 Puerto Soller, where one had caught a fish, and the other seemed to be displaying

Cinereous (Eurasian Black) Vulture

1, 3 from villa, 1 Lluc. The birds from the villa were mainly over the hills in the distance, although one eventually flew over the valley. The bird at Lluc was directly overhead

Booted Eagle

1, 1 from villa. The two sightings on separate days were of light phase birds passing directly over the villa

Red Kite

1 from Villa

Common Buzzard

1 Boquer Valley; 1 villa

Common Moorhen

2 Albufera

Eurasian Coot 

6 Albufera. A Red-knobbed Coot was also seen very close to, but the collar indicated one of the birds in the reintroduction programme

Black-winged Stilt

~20 Albufera

Common Ringed Plover

6 Albufera

Kentish Plover 

3 Albufera, including a pair displaying

Common Greenshank

1 Albufera

Wood Sandpiper 

4 Albufera

Black-headed Gull

~6 Albufera

Audouin's Gull 

Only seen along the beaches of Puerto Pollensa, where the ~6 or so didn't stay on the sand for long

Yellow-legged Gull

Regular villa, some Puerto Pollensa; Common both along the coast and also inland

Common Tern 

1 Albufera

Common Wood Pigeon

Very common

Eurasian Collared Dove

~8 villa and very common throughout

Eurasian Scops Owl

2 heard from villa on a few evenings

Common Swift

Very common and noisy in the towns, such as Pollensa and Alcudia, where they were nesting in the roofs of houses

Pallid Swift

~20  Formentor; Common Puerto Soller

European Bee-eater 

3 over Pollensa amongst the Common Swifts. Others were heard but not seen below Boquer Valley and from the villa

Eurasian Hoopoe

Surprisingly none were seen, but one or two were heard on most mornings from the villa

Eurasian Wryneck

1 seen plus 3 calling Lluc

Common Kestrel

1 journey from airport; 1, 1 villa; 1 walk from villa

Peregrine Falcon

2 Puerto Soller, circling overhead amongst Common Swifts

Northern Raven

7 Boquer Valley; 2 Formentor; 2 over villa

Eurasian Blue Tit 

2 Lluc 

Great Tit

3 Lluc; 2 Puerto Soller

Barn Swallow

~12 villa; Small flocks Boquer Valley

Eurasian Crag Martin

1 Boquer Valley

Great Reed Warbler 

1 singing Albufera

Zitting Cisticola

3 Albufera

Eurasian Blackcap

1 singing villa; ~6 Lluc; ~4 walk from villa. A regular sound in all woodland

Balearic Warbler 

1 Lluc

Sardinian Warbler

1 villa; ~10 Boquer Valley; ~4 Lluc; ~4 Albufera; 4 Puerto Soller. Common in all locations

Eurasian Wren

1 singing villa; 1 Boquer Valley; 1 singing Lluc

Common Blackbird

4 villa; ~8 Pollensa; 2 Boquer Valley; ~10 Lluc; Albufera ~8. Common - seen in all habitats covered

Spotted Flycatcher 

2 villa; 1 Boquer Valley; 1 Formentor; Common Lluc; 1 Pollensa centre. Common and seen in all locations visited

Common Nightingale

2 singing from villa; ~10 singing Lluc; ~5 singing Albufera. Most of the birds encountered were singing, and this was usually during the day, although there was sporadic song in the valley at night from the villa. The best location for seeing the birds was in the woodland around Lluc monastery

Blue Rock Thrush

2 males Boquer Valley; 1 male Formentor

European Stonechat

2 males Boquer Valley

House Sparrow

Common villa; Very common elsewhere

European Greenfinch

3 villa; 4 Boquer Valley; ~12 Lluc. Widespread and seen regularly

Red Crossbill

2 on walk from villa

European Goldfinch

2 villa; 4 juveniles villa; ~4 Lluc; ~8 walk from villa

European Serin

~6 villa; 4 Boquer Valley; ~8 Lluc; ~10 walk from villa. One of the most common songs heard throughout, and regularly seen

Cirl Bunting

1 Boquer Valley; 1 singing Lluc



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Content Introduction Boquer Albufera Lluc Species List Text only