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Ostrich, Chachalacas, Guans & Guineafowl


Geese & Swans


Penguins, Divers, & Grebes

Storks, Ibis & Spoonbills


Frigatebirds, Hamerkop, Pelicans & Cormorants

New World Vultures & Secretarybird

Hawks, Eagles & Kites


Bustards, Sunbittern, Rails, Crakes, & Coots

Cranes, Thick-knees, Oystercatchers, Crab Plover, Avocets & Stilts

Plovers & Lapwings

Egyptian Plover, Painted Snipe & Jacanas

Sandpipers & Pratincoles


Terns, Skuas & Auks



Parrots & Turacos



Frogmouths, Oilbird, Nightjars & Swifts


Mousebirds & Trogons



Motmots, Bee-eaters & Hoopoes

Hornbills, Jacamars, Toucans & Asian Barbets




Tyrant Flycatchers

Cotingas, Manakins, & Tityras

Wattle-eyes, Bushshrikes, Woodswallows, Ioras & Cuckoo-shrikes


Vireos & Orioles

Drongos, Fantails & Monarch Flycatchers

Crows, Jays & Magpies

Waxwings, Silky-flycatchers & Hilocitrea

Tits, Chickadees, & Penduline Tits




Long-tailed Tits, Leaf & Reed Warblers

Grassbirds & Cisticolas


Old World Warblers

White-eyes, Sugarbirds, & Kinglets


Nuthatches & Treecreepers

Mockingbirds & Thrashers




Old World Flycatchers

Dippers, Leafbirds & Flowerpeckers

Sunbirds & Spiderhunters

Old World Sparrows

Weavers & Widowbirds

Waxbills, Munias, Indigobirds & Whydahs

Accentors, Wagtails & Pipits


New World Warblers

New World Orioles

New World Blackbirds & Bananaquit


New World Sparrows


Snow Buntings, Grosbeaks & Saltators

Index of English names   (Click here to go to Index of scientific names)

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Accentor. Radde's
Adjutant, Lesser

Albatross, Black-browed
Albatross, Buller's
Albatross, Northern Royal
Albatross Salvin's
Albatross, Shy
Albatross, Southern Royal
Albatross, Wandering
Amazon, Mealy
Amazon, Red-crowned
Ani, Groove-billed
Ani, Smooth-billed
Antpitta, Giant
Antpitta, Yellow-breasted
Antshrike, Black-hooded
Antshrike, Chestnut-backed
Antshrike, Fasciated
Antshrike, Great
Antwren, White-flanked
Apalis, Bar-throated
Apalis, Sharpe's
Aracari, Collared
Atilla, Bright-rumped
Atilla, Grey-hooded
Avocet, American
Avocet, Pied
Avocet, Red-necked



Babbler, Abbott's
Babbler, Arabian
Babbler, Blackcap
Babbler, Brown
Babbler, Brown-capped
Babbler, Buff-breasted
Babbler, Dark-fronted
Babbler, Jungle
Babbler, Large Scimitar
Babbler, Orange-billed
Babbler, Pin-striped Tit
Babbler, Puff-throated
Babbler, Red-billed Scimitar
Babbler, White-browed
Babbler, White-browed Scimitar
Babbler, Yellow-billed
Barbet, Bearded
Barbet, Brown-headed
Barbet, Coppersmith
Barbet, Double-toothed
Barbet, Indochinese
Barbet, Naked-faced
Barbet, Necklaced
Barbet, Prong-billed
Barbet, Red-vented
Barbet, Viellot's
Barbet, Yellow-eared
Batis, Chinspot
Batis, Senegal
Becard, Green-backed
Bee-eater, Black
Bee-eater, Blue-breasted
Bee-eater, Blue-cheeked
Bee-eater, Blue-headed
Bee-eater, Blue-tailed
Bee-eater, Blue-throated
Bee-eater, Chestnut-headed
Bee-eater, Cinammon-breasted
Bee-eater, European
Bee-eater, Green

Bee-eater, Little
Bee-eater, Northern Carmine
Bee-eater, Rainbow
Bee-eater, Red-throated
Bee-eater, Swallow-tailed
Bee-eater, White-fronted
Bee-eater, White-throated
Bellbird, Bearded
Bellbird, New Zealand
Bishop, Southern Red
Bittern, American
Bittern, Cinnamon
Bittern, Least
Bittern, Little
Blackcap, Eurasian
Blackbird, Austral
Blackbird, Brewer's
Blackbird, Chestnut-capped
Blackbird, Common
Blackbird, Indian
Blackbird, Red-winged
Blackbird, Yellow-hooded
Bluebird, Eastern
Bluebird, Mountain
Bluebird, Western
Bluebonnet, Eastern
Bluetail, Red-flanked
Boubou, Southern
Brilliant, Empress
Brilliant, Fawn-breasted
Brilliant, Green-crowned
Broadbill, Black-and-red
Broadbill, Long-tailed
Bronzewing, Brush
Bronzewing, Common
Bulbul, Black
Bulbul, Black-capped
Bulbul, Black-crested
Bulbul, Black-headed
Bulbul, Cape
Bulbul, Common
Bulbul, Flavescent
Bulbul, Grey-cheeked
Bulbul, Grey-eyed
Bulbul, Light-vented
Bulbul, Malagasy
Bulbul, Ochraceous
Bulbul, Olive-winged
Bulbul, Red-vented
Bulbul, Red-whiskered
Bulbul, Square-tailed
Bulbul, Streak-eared
Bulbul, Stripe-throated
Bulbul, Sooty-headed
Bulbul, White-spectacled
Bulbul, Yellow-browed
Bulbul, Yellow-eared
Bulbul, Yellow-vented
Bullfinch, Eurasian
Bullfinch, Lesser Antillean
Bunting, Black-headed
Bunting, Brown-rumped
Bunting, Cape
Bunting, Cinereous
Bunting, Cinnamon-breasted
Bunting, Cirl
Bunting, Common Reed
Bunting, Corn
Bunting, Cretzchmar's
Bunting, Indigo
Bunting, Lark
Bunting, Little
Bunting, Ortolan
Bunting, Painted
Bunting, Snow
Bushshrike, Bocage's
Bushshrike, Ludher's
Bustard, Black-bellied
Bustard, Kori
Bustard, Little
Butcherbird, Grey
Buzzard, Common
Buzzard, Grasshopper
Buzzard, Lizard



Camaroptera, Green-backed
Cameroptera, Grey-backed

Cameroptera, Yellow-browed

Canary, Atlantic

Canary, Cape
Canary, White-bellied
Canary-flycatcher, Grey-headed
Caracara, Chimango
Caracara, Northern Crested
Caracara, Southern Crested
Cardinal, Northern
Carib, Green-throated
Carib, Purple-throated
Catbird, Grey
Chachalaca, Plain
Chaffinch, Blue
Chaffinch, Common
Chat, Brown Rock
Chat, Familiar
Chat, Grey Bush
Chat, Pied Bush
Chat, White-fronted
Chickadee, Black-capped
Chickadee, Mountain
Chiffchaff, Canary Islands
Chiffchaff, Common
Chlorophonia, Blue-naped
Chough, Red-billed
Chough, White-winged
Cinclodes, Buff-winged
Cinclodes, Dark-bellied
Cisticola, Croaking
Cisticola, Rock-loving
Cisticola, Rufous-winged
Cisticola, Singing
Cisticola, Winding
Cisticola, Zitting
Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested
Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black
Condor, Andean
Condor, California
Coot, Eurasian
Coot, American
Coot, Red-gartered
Coot, Red-knobbed
Coquette, Tufted
Cordon Bleu, Red-cheeked
Corella, Little
Corella, Long-billed
Cormorant, Australian Pied
Cormorant, Bank
Cormorant, Crowned
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cormorant, Great
Cormorant, Little
Cormorant, Little Black
Cormorant, Little Pied
Cormorant, Neotropic
Cormorant, Pelagic
Cormorant, Pygmy
Cormorant, Red-legged
Cormorant, Reed
Coronet, Buff-tailed
Coronet, Velvet-purple
Cotinga, Black-and-gold
Coua, Blue
Coua, Crested
Coucal, Greater
Coucal, Green-billed
Coucal, Lesser
Coucal, Malagasy
Coucal, Senegal
Coucal, White-browed
Cowbird, Brown-headed
Cowbird, Giant
Cowbird, Shiny
Crake, Australian
Crake, Baillon's
Crake, Black
Crake, Slaty-legged
Crane, Blue
Crane, Sandhill
Creeper, Brown
Crossbill, Red
Crow, American
Crow, Carrion
Crow, Fish
Crow, Hooded
Crow, House
Crow, Indian Jungle
Crow, Large-billed
Crow, Pied
Cuckoo, African
Cuckoo, African Emerald
Cuckoo, Banded Bay
Cuckoo, Black
Cuckoo, Common
Cuckoo, Diederik
Cuckoo, Klaas's
Cuckoo, Levaillant's
Cuckoo, Little Bronze
Cuckoo, Plaintive
Cuckoo, Squirrel
Cuckoo, Violet
Cuckooshrike, Black-faced
Cuckooshrike, Black-winged
Cuckooshrike, Javan
Cuckooshrike, Large
Cuckooshrike, Madagascar
Cuckooshrike, Petit's
Cupwing, Pygmy
Curlew, Eurasian
Cutia, Vietnamese



Darter, African
Darter, Australian
Dipper, White-throated
Diucon, Fire-eyed
Diver, Black-throated
Diver, Great Northern
Diver, Pacific
Diver, Red-throated
Dotterel, Black-fronted
Dotterel, Eurasian
Dotterel, Red-kneed
Dove, African Collared
Dove, Barred Cuckoo
Dove, Black-billed Wood
Dove, Black-naped Fruit
Dove, Blue-spotted Wood
Dove, Common Emerald
Dove, Common Ground
Dove, Eared
Dove, Emerald-spotted Wood
Dove, Eurasian Collared
Dove, European Turtle
Dove, Grey-fronted
Dove, Inca
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Little Cuckoo
Dove, Mourning
Dove, Collared
Dove, Island Collared
Dove, Madagascar Turtle
Dove, Namaqua
Dove, Red-eyed
Dove, Red Turtle
Dove, Ruddy Cuckoo
Dove, Spotted
Dove, Stock
Dove, Tambourine
Dove, Vinaceous
Dove, White-tipped
Dove, White-winged
Dove, Zebra
Dove, Zenaida
Dowitcher, Short-billed
Drongo, Ashy
Drongo, Black
Drongo, Bronzed
Drongo, Crested
Drongo, Fork-tailed
Drongo, Greater Racket-tailed
Drongo, Hair-crested
Drongo, Lesser Racket-tailed
Drongo, Velvet-mantled
Drongo, White-bellied
Duck, American Black
Duck, Black-bellied Whistling
Duck, Bronze-winged
Duck, Crested
Duck, Flying Steamer
Duck, Freckled
Duck, Fuegian Steamer
Duck, Harlequin
Duck, Lesser Whistling
Duck, Long-tailed
Duck, Mandarin
Duck, Musk
Duck, Pacific Black
Duck, Pink-eared
Duck, Ring-necked
Duck, Torrent
Duck, Tufted
Duck, White-faced Whistling
Duck, White-headed



Eagle, African Fish
Eagle, Bald
Eagle, Booted
Eagle, Brown Snake
Eagle, Crested Serpent
Eagle, Lesser Spotted
Eagle, Long-crested
Eagle, Martial
Eagle, Tawny
Eagle, Wahlberg's
Egret, Eastern Cattle
Egret, Intermediate
Egret, Little
Egret, Snowy
Egret, Western Cattle

Egret, Western Great
Elaenia, Caribbean
Elaenia, WHite-crested
Elaenia, Yellow-bellied
Emerald, Andean
Emerald, Coppery-headed
Emerald, Western
Emerald, White-chested
Eremomela, Senegal
Erpornis, White-bellied
Euphonia, Chestnut-bellied
Euphonia, Orange-bellied
Euphonia, Tawny-capped
Euphonia, Violaceous



Fairywren, Superb
Fairywren, Variegated
Fairywren, White-winged
Falcon, Aplomado

Falcon, Brown
Falcon, Pygmy
Falcon, Red-footed
Falcon, Red-necked
Falconet, Collared
Fantail, Grey
Fantail, Malaysian Pied
Fantail, New Zealand
Fantail, White-throated
Finch, Bay-chested Warbling
Finch, Chestnut-capped Brush

Finch, Desert
Finch, House
Finch, Patagonian Sierra
Finch, Saffron
Finch, White-winged Brush
Finch, Yellow-thighed
Finch, Zebra
Finfoot, African
Fireback, Crested
Fireback, Siamese
Firecrest, Madeira
Firefinch, African
Firefinch, Red-billed
Fiscal, Grey-backed
Fiscal, Northern

Flameback, Common
Flameback, Black-rumped
Flameback, Greater

Flamingo, Chilean
Flamingo, Greater
Flamingo, Lesser
Flatbill, Yellow-olive
Flicker, Gilded
Flicker, Northern
Flowerpecker, Blood-breasted
Flowerpecker, Scarlet-backed
Flowerpecker, Scarlet-headed
Flowerpiercer, Masked
Flowerpiercer, Slaty
Flowerpiercer, White-sided
Flycatcher, African Blue
Flycatcher, African Dusky
Flycatcher, African Grey
Flycatcher, African Paradise
Flycatcher, Ash-throated
Flycatcher, Ashy
Flycatcher, Asian Brown
Flycatcher, Black-capped
Flycatcher, Blue-throated Blue
Flycatcher, Boat-billed
Flycatcher, Brown-breasted
Flycatcher, Brown-crested
Flycatcher, Buff-breasted
Flycatcher, Cordilleran
Flycatcher, Dull-blue
Flycatcher, Dusky-blue
Flycatcher, Dusky-capped
Flycatcher, European Pied
Flycatcher, Fiscal
Flycatcher, Fulvous-chested Jungle
Flycatcher, Gambaga
Flycatcher, Golden-crowned
Flycatcher, Great Crested
Flycatcher, Least
Flycatcher, Little Pied
Flycatcher, Malagasy Paradise
Flycatcher, Mangrove Blue
Flycatcher, Mugimaki
Flycatcher, Northern Black
Flycatcher, Ochre-bellied
Flycatcher, Piratic
Flycatcher, Red-bellied Paradise
Flycatcher, Red-breasted
Flycatcher, Restless
Flycatcher, Rufous-browed
Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed
Flycatcher, Sepia-capped
Flycatcher, Snowy-browed
Flycatcher, Social
Flycatcher, Southern Black
Flycatcher, Spotted
Flycatcher, Streaked
Flycatcher, Swamp
Flycatcher, Taiga
Flycatcher, Tickell's Blue
Flycatcher, Verditer
Flycatcher, Vermilion
Flycatcher, White-tailed Blue
Flycatcher, Yellow-eyed Black
Flycatcher, Yellowish
Flycatcher-shrike, Bar-winged
Flycatcher-shrike, Black-winged
Fody, Forest
Fody, Red
Foliage-gleaner, White-browed
Foliage-gleaner, White-collared
Forktail, Slaty-backed
Forktail, White-crowned
Francolin, Ahanta
Francolin, Cape
Frigatebird, Magnificent
Frogmouth, Sri Lanka
Fulvetta, Brown-cheeked
Fulvetta, Mountain



Gallinule, Common

Gallinule, Purple

Gannet, Northern
Gerygone, Golden-bellied
Gerygone, Grey
Gnatcatcher, Blue-grey
Gnateater, Black-cheeked
Go-away-bird, Bare-faced
Go-away-bird, White-bellied
Godwit, Bar-tailed
Godwit, Black-tailed
Goldeneye, Barrow's
Goldfinch, American
Goldfinch, European
Goldfinch, Lesser
Gonolek, Black-headed
Gonolek, Yellow-crowned
Goose, Ashy-headed
Goose, Barnacle
Goose, Brent
Goose, Canada
Goose, Cape Barren
Goose, Egyptian
Goose, Greater White-fronted
Goose, Greylag
Goose, Kelp
Goose, Pink-footed
Goose, Taiga Bean
Goose, Tundra Bean
Goose, Upland
Goshawk, African
Goshawk, Dark Chanting
Goshawk, Gabar
Grackle, Boat-tailed
Grackle, Carib
Grackle, Common
Grackle, Great-tailed
Grassbird, Little
Grassbird, Striated
Grassquit, Black-faced
Grebe, Australasian
Grebe, Black-necked
Grebe, Great-crested
Grebe, Hoary-headed
Grebe, Little
Grebe, New Zealand
Grebe, Pied-billed
Grebe, Slavonian
Grenadier, Purple
Greenbul, Golden
Greenbul, Little
Greenbul, Plain
Greenbul, Slender-billed
Greenbul, Sombre
Greenfinch, European
Greenfinch, Vietnamese
Greenshank, Common
Grosbeak, Blue
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
Grouse, Black
Grouse, Red
Grouse, Spruce
Guan, Crested
Guan, Sickle-winged
Guillemot, Black
Guineafowl, Crested
Guineafowl, Helmeted
Gull, America Herring
Gull, Audouin's
Gull, Black-headed
Gull, Brown-headed
Gull, Brown-hooded
Gull, California
Gull, Dolphin
Gull, European Herring
Gull, Franklin's
Gull, Glaucous
Gull, Glaucous-winged
Gull, Great Black-backed
Gull, Grey-headed
Gull, Hartlaub's
Gull, Heerman's
Gull, Iceland
Gull, Kelp
Gull, Laughing
Gull, Lesser Black-backed
Gull, Mediterranean
Gull, Mew
Gull, Pacific
Gull, Ring-billed
Gull, Sabine's
Gull, Silver
Gull, Western
Gull, Yellow-legged


Harrier, Cinereous
Harrier, Montagu's
Harrier, Swamp
Harrier-hawk, African
Hawk, Broad-winged
Hawk, Cooper's
Hawk, Grey
Hawk, Harris's
Hawk, Red-shouldered
Hawk, Red-tailed
Hawk, Roadside
Hawk, Savannah
Heron, Bare-throated Tiger
Heron, Black
Heron, Black-crowned Night
Heron, Black-headed
Heron, Boat-billed
Heron, Capped
Heron, Chinese Pond
Heron, Goliath
Heron, Great Blue
Heron, Green
Heron, Grey
Heron, Indian Pond
Heron, Javan Pond
Heron, Little Blue
Heron, Nankeen Night
Heron, Pacific Reef

Heron, Purple
Heron, Rufescent Tiger
Heron, Squacco
Heron, Striated
Heron, Tricoloured
Heron, Western Reef
Heron, Whistling
Heron, White-faced
Heron, Yellow-crowned Night
Honeycreeper, Green
Honeycreeper, Purple

Honeyeater, Black
Honeyeater, Blue-faced
Honeyeater, Brown-headed
Honeyeater, New Holland
Honeyeater, Indonesian
Honeyeater, Singing
Honeyeater, Spiny-cheeked
Honeyeater, Tawny-crowned

Honeyeater, White-fronted
Honeyeater, White-plumed
Honeyeater, Yellow-faced
Honeyguide, Greater
Hoopoe, Eurasian
Hornbill, Abyssinian Ground
Hornbill, African Grey
Hornbill, African Pied
Hornbill, Black-and-white Casqued
Hornbill, Crowned
Hornbill, Northen Red-billed
Hornbill, Sri Lanka Grey
Hornbill, Tickell's Brown
Hornbill, Western Red-billed
Hornero, Band-tailed
Hornero, Pale-legged
Hornero, Rufous
Hummingbird, Anna's
Hummingbird, Antillean Crested
Hummingbird, Black-chinned
Hummingbird, Buff-bellied
Hummingbird, Broad-billed
Hummingbird, Broad-tailed
Hummingbird, Calliope
Hummingbird, Copper-rumped
Hummingbird, Costa's
Hummingbird, Magnificent
Hummingbird, Ruby-throated
Hummingbird, Ruby-topaz
Hummingbird, Rufous-tailed
Hummingbird, Scintillant
Hummingbird, Sombre
Hummingbird, Speckled
Hummingbird, Swallow-tailed
Hummingbird, Sword-billed
Hummingbird, Violet-crowned
Hylia, Green



Ibis, African Sacred
Ibis, American White
Ibis, Australian White

Ibis, Black-faced

Ibis, Glossy

Ibis, Hadada

Ibis, Northern Bald
Ibis, Straw-necked
Inca, Brown
Inca, Collared
Indigobird, Village
Iora, Common
Iora, Great



Jacamar, Rufous-tailed
Jacamar, Three-toed
Jacana, African

Jacana, Bronze-winged
Jacana, Northern
Jacana, Pheasant-tailed
Jackdaw, Western
Jacobin, White-necked
Jay, Beautiful
Jay, Blue
Jay, Brown
Jay, California Scrub

Jay, Eurasian
Jay, Green
Jay, Grey
Jay, Mexican
Jay, Steller's
Jay, Yucatan
Junco, Dark-eyed
Junco, Yellow-eyed
Junglefowl, Green
Junglefowl, Red
Junglefowl, Sri Lanka



Kaka, New Zealand

Kestrel, American

Kestrel, Common

Kestrel, Fox
Kestrel, Grey
Kestrel, Nankeen
Kingbird, Cassin's
Kingbird, Couch's
Kingbird, Eastern
Kingbird, Grey
Kingbird, Tropical
Kingbird, Western
Kingfisher, African Pygmy
Kingfisher, American Pygmy
Kingfisher, Blue-breasted
Kingfisher, Blue-eared
Kingfisher, Brown-hooded
Kingfisher, Cerulean
Kingfisher, Chocolate-backed
Kingfisher, Collared
Kingfisher, Common
Kingfisher, Giant
Kingfisher, Green
Kingfisher, Grey-headed
Kingfisher, Javan
Kingfisher, Madagascar Pygmy
Kingfisher, Malachite
Kingfisher, Oriental Dwarf
Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, Sacred
Kingfisher, Stork-billed
Kingfisher, White-throated
Kingfisher, Woodland
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned
Kiskadee, Great
Kite, Black
Kite, Black-winged
Kite, Brahminy
Kite, Pearl
Kite, Red
Kite, Snail
Kite, Whistling
Kite, Yellow-billed
Kittiwake, Black-legged
Kookaburra, Laughing
Knot, Red
Koel, Asian



Lapwing, African Wattled
Lapwing, Black-headed

Lapwing, Blacksmith
Lapwing, Crowned
Lapwing, Long-toed
Lapwing, Masked
Lapwing, Northern
Lapwing, Red-wattled
Lapwing, Southern
Lapwing, Spur-winged
Lark, Crested
Lark, Desert
Lark, Flappet
Lark, Greater Short-toed
Lark, Malabar
Lark, Oriental Sky
Lark, Rufous-naped
Lark, Shore/Horned
Laughingthrush, Black-throated
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-capped
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-crowned
Laughingthrush, Collared
Laughingthrush, Greater Necklaced
Laughingthrush, Lesser Necklaced
Laughingthrush, White-crested
Leafbird, Blue-winged
Leafbird, Orange-bellied
Leaftosser, Rufous-breasted
Linnet, Common
Longclaw, Yellow-throated
Lorikeet, Musk
Lorikeet, Rainbow
Lovebird, Fischer's



Magpie, Australian
Magpie, Black-billed

Magpie, Eurasian
Magpie, Indochinese Green
Magpie, Sri Lanka Blue
Magpie-robin, Madagascar
Magpie-robin, Oriental
Malkoha, Blue
Malkoha, Green-billed
Manakin, Blue
Manakin, Golden-headed
Manakin, Pin-tailed
Manakin, White-bearded
Manakin, White-collared
Mannikin, Black-and-white
Mannikin, Bronze
Martin, Brown-chested
Martin, Fairy
Martin, Grey-breasted
Martin, House
Martin, Sand
Martin, Tree
Meadowlark, Eastern
Meadowlark, Long-tailed
Meadowlark, Western
Merganser, Hooded
Merganser, Red-breasted
Mesia, Silver-eared

Metaltail, Tyrian
Miner, Noisy
Miner, Yellow-throated
Minivet, Scarlet
Minla, Blue-winged
Mockingbird, Chalk-browed
Mockingbird, Northern
Mockingbird, Tropical
Monarch, Black-naped
Moorhen, Common
Moorhen, Dusky
Motmot, Blue-diademed
Mountaingem, Blue-throated
Mountaingem, Grey-tailed
Mountaingem, Purple-throated
Mousebird, Blue-naped
Mousebird, Speckled
Munia, Black-faced
Munia, Javan
Munia, Scaly-breasted
Munia, White-headed
Myiobius, Tawny-breasted
Myna, Bali
Myna, Common Hill
Myna, Crested
Mynah, Javan
Myna, Jungle



Nativehen, Black-tailed
Negrito, Austral

Nicator, Western

Nightingale, Common
Nightjar, Indian Jungle

Nightjar, Long-tailed
Nightjar, Savanna
Nightjar, Standard-winged
Nigrita, Chestnut-breasted
Niltava, Large
Nutcracker, Clark's
Nuthatch, Eastern Rock
Nuthatch, Eurasian
Nuthatch, Kruper's
Nuthatch, Pygmy
Nuthatch, Red-breasted
Nuthatch, Velvet-fronted
Nuthatch, Western Rock
Nuthatch, White-breasted



Openbill, Asian
Oriole, African Golden
Oriole, Altamira
Oriole, Baltimore
Oriole, Black-and-crimson
Oriole, Black-hooded
Oriole, Black-naped
Oriole, Hooded
Oriole, Orchard
Oriole, Slender-billed
Oriole, St Lucia
Oriole, Western
Oriole, Yellow
Oriole, Yellow-tailed
Osprey, Western
Ouzel, Ring
Owl, Black-and-white
Owl, Brown Fish
Owl, Brown-Hawk
Owl, Burrowing
Owl, Eastern Screech
Owl, Eurasian Scops

Owl, Ferruginous Pygmy
Owl, Great Horned
Owl, Greyish Eagle
Owl, Indian Scops
Owl, Little
Owl, Long-eared
Owl, Mottled Wood
Owl, Northern Barred

Owl, Pallid Scops
Owl, Short-eared
Owl, Spotted Eagle
Owl, Verraux's Eagle
Owl, Western Barn
Owl, White-fronted Scops
Owlet, Jungle
Owlet, Spotted
Oxpecker, Yellow-billed
Oystercatcher, African
Oystercatcher, Blackish
Oystercatcher, Eurasian
Oystercatcher, Pied
Oystercatcher, South Island
Oystercatcher, Variable



Parakeet, Alexandrine
Parakeet, Layard's

Parakeet, Red-breasted
Pardalote, Spotted
Pardalote, Striated
Parrot, Lesser Vasa
Parakeet, Maroon-bellied
Parakeet, Monk
Parakeet, Plain
Parakeet, Plum-headed
Parakeet, Red-crowned
Parakeet, Rose-ringed
Parrot, Elegant
Parrot, Grey
Parrot, Mulga
Parrot, Red-rumped
Parrot, Senegal
Parrot, Sri Lanka Hanging
Parrotbill, Black-headed
Parrotlet, Blue-winged
Partridge, Green-legged
Partridge, Grey
Parula, Northern
Peacock-Pheasant, Germain's
Peafowl, Green
Peafowl, Indian
Pelican, American White
Pelican, Australian White
Pelican, Brown
Pelican, Peruvian
Pelican, Pink-backed
Penguin, African
Penguin, Humboldt
Penguin, Magellanic
Penguin, Yellow-eyed
Petrel, Cape
Petrel, Northern Giant
Petrel, Westland
Petronia, Bush
Pewee, Eastern Wood
Pewee, Lesser Antillean
Pewee, Smoke-coloured
Pewee, Western Wood
Phainoptila, Black-and-yellow
Phalarope, Grey
Phalarope, Red-necked
Pheasant, Common
Pheasant, Silver
Phoebe, Black
Phoebe, Eastern
Phoebe, Say's
Piculet, Speckled
Piculet, White-barred
Pigeon, African Green
Pigeon, African Olive
Pigeon, Bruce's Green
Pigeon, Crested
Pigeon, Green Imperial
Pigeon, Grey-cheeked Geen
Pigeon, Madagascar Blue
Pigeon, Mountain Imperial
Pigeon, New Zealand
Pigeon, Picazuro
Pigeon, Pink-necked Green
Pigeon, Red-billed
Pigeon, Speckled
Pigeon, Sri Lanka Wood
Pigeon, White-crowned
Pigeon, Common Wood
Piha, Olivaceous
Pintail, White-cheeked
Pintail, Yellow-billed
Pipit, Australian
Pipit, Berthelot's
Pipit, Buff-bellied
Pipit, Correndera
Pipit, Eurasian Rock
Pipit, Meadow
Pipit, New Zealand
Pipit, Olive-backed
Pipit, Paddyfield
Pipit, Plain-backed
Pipit, Red-throated
Pipit, Richard's
Pipit, Tree
Pitta, Blue
Pitta, Blue-rumped
Pitta, Blue-winged
Pitta, Javan Banded
Plantain-eater, Eastern Grey
Plantain-eater, Western Grey

Plover, Collared
Plover, Common Ringed
Plover, Egyptian
Plover, European Golden
Plover, Greater Sand
Plover, Grey
Plover, Javan
Plover, Kentish
Plover, Lesser Sand
Plover, Little Ringed
Plover, Malaysian
Plover, Red-capped
Plover, Semipalmated
Plover, Three-banded
Plover, Wilson's
Pochard, Common
Pochard, Red-crested
Pratincole, Collared
Prinia, Ashy
Prinia, Graceful
Prinia, Hill
Prinia, Karoo
Prinia, Plain
Prinia, Rufescent
Prinia, Tawny-flanked
Prinia, White-chinned
Puffback, Northern
Puffin, Atlantic
Puffleg, Sapphire-vented



Quail, Dark-backed Wood
Quail, Spot-winged Wood
Quail, Gambel's

Quelea, Red-billed



Racket-tail, Booted
Rail, Buff-banded
Rail, Clapper
Rail, Grey-necked Wood
Rail, King
Rail, Water
Raven, Australian
Raven, Little
Raven, Northern
Redpoll, Common
Redpoll, Lesser
Redshank, Common
Redstart, American
Redstart, Black
Redstart, Common
Reedling, Bearded
Ringneck, Australian
Roadrunner, Greater
Robin, American
Robin, Beared Scrub
Robin, European
Robin, Indian
Robin, North Island
Robin, Red-capped
Robin, Rufous-tailed Scrub
Robin, Siberian Blue
Robin, South Island
Robin, White-tailed
Robin-Chat, Cape
Robin-Chat, Snowy-crowned
Robin-Chat, White-browed
Robin-Chat, White-crowned
Rockfowl, White-necked
Roller, Abyssinian
Roller, Blue-bellied
Roller, Blue-throated
Roller, Broad-billed
Roller, Indian
Roller, Lilac-breasted
Roller, Purple
Rosella, Crimson
Ruby, Brazilian



Sabrewing, Violet
Saddleback, South Island
Saltator, Buff-throated
Saltator, Thick-billed
Sandpiper, Baird's
Sandpiper, Common
Sandpiper, Curlew
Sandpiper, Green
Sandpiper, Marsh
Sandpiper, Pectoral
Sandpiper, Purple
Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper, Solitary
Sandpiper, Spotted
Sandpiper, Wood
Sapphirewing, Great
Sapsucker, Williamson's
Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied
Scaup, Greater
Scaup, Lesser
Scaup, New Zealand
Scoter, Black
Scrubwren, White-browed
Seedeater, Band-tailed
Seedeater, Double-collared
Seedeater, Streaky
Seedeater, Variable
Serin, European
Shag, European
Shag, Imperial
Shag, Otago
Shag, Spotted
Shama, White-rumped
Sheartail, Mexican
Shearwater, Hutton's
Shearwater, Pink-footed
Shearwater, Buller's
Shearwater, Sooty
Shelduck, Common
Shelduck, Paradise
Shelduck, Ruddy
Shoveler, Australasian
Shoveler, Cape
Shoveler, Northern
Shrike, Brown
Shrike, Great Grey
Shrike, Grey-backed
Shrike, Isabelline
Shrike, Lesser Grey
Shrike, Loggerhead
Shrike, Long-tailed
Shrike, Masked
Shrike, Red-backed
Shrike, Southern Grey
Shrike, Tiger
Shrike, Woodchat
Shrike, Yellow-billed
Shrike-babbler, Dalat
Shrike-flycatcher, Black-and-white
Shrikethrush, Grey
Sibia, Black-headed
Sibia, Long-tailed
Silky-flycatcher, Long-tailed
Siskin, Black-chinned
Siskin, Eurasian
Siskin, Pine
Skua, Chilean
Skua, Great
Snipe, Common
Snipe, Greater Painted
Snipe, Jack
Snipe, Wilson's
Solitaire, Townshend's
Sparrow, Black-striped
Sparrow, Black-throated
Sparrow, Brewer's
Sparrow, Cape
Sparrow, Chipping
Sparrow, Eurasian Tree
Sparrow, Harris's
Sparrow, House
Sparrow, Java
Sparrow, Lark
Sparrow, Northern Grey-headed
Sparrow, Olive
Sparrow, Parrot-billed
Sparrow, Plain-backed
Sparrow, Rufous-collared
Sparrow, Savannah
Sparrow, Song
Sparrow, Spanish
Sparrow, Swamp
Sparrow, White-crowned
Sparrow, White-throated
Sparrow-lark, Chestnut-backed

Sparrowhawk, Frances's
Sparrow-weaver, Chestnut-crowned
Sparrow-weaver, White-browed
Spiderhunter, Little
Spiderhunter, Streaked
Spoonbill, African
Spoonbill, Eurasian
Spoonbill, Royal
Spoonbill, Yellow-billed
Spurfowl, Red-necked
Spurfowl, Yellow-necked
Starfontlet, Buff-winged
Starling, Asian Glossy
Starling, Black-collared
Starling, Black-winged
Starling, Brahminy
Starling, Bronze-tailed
Starling, Cape
Starling, Chestnut-bellied
Starling, Common
Starling, Greater Blue-eared
Starling, Hildebrandt's
Starling, Lesser Blue-eared
Starling, Long-tailed Glossy
Starling, Purple
Starling, Purple-headed
Starling, Red-winged
Starling, Rosy
Starling, Ruppell's
Starling, Splendid
Starling, Superb
Starling, Vinous-breasted
Starling, Violet-backed
Stilt, Banded
Stilt, Black-necked
Stilt, Black-winged
Stilt, Pied
Stint, Red-necked
Stint, Little
Stint, Long-toed
Stonechat, African
Stonechat, European
Stonechat, Madagascar
Stonechat, Siberian
Stone-Curlew, Beach
Stork, Marabou
Stork, Saddle-billed
Stork, Wood
Stork, Woolly-necked
Stork, Yellow-billed
Streamcreeper, Sharp-tailed
Sugarbird, Cape
Sunangel, Gorgeted
Sunbird, Beautiful
Sunbird, Black-throated
Sunbird, Bronzy
Sunbird, Copper
Sunbird, Crimson
Sunbird, Golden-winged
Sunbird, Greater Double-collared
Sunbird, Green-headed
Sunbird, Malachite
Sunbird, Malagasy Green
Sunbird, Mrs Gould's
Sunbird, Olive
Sunbird, Olive-backed
Sunbird, Orange-breasted
Sunbird, Pygmy
Sunbird, Red-chested
Sunbird, Ruby-cheeked
Sunbird, Rwenzori Double-collared
Sunbird, Scarlet-chested
Sunbird, Southern Double-collared
Sunbird, Souimanga
Sunbird, Superb
Sunbird, Variable
Swallow, American Cliff

Swallow, Angolan
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Blue-and-white
Swallow, Chilean
Swallow, Lesser Striped
Swallow, Mosque
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged
Swallow, Pacific
Swallow, Preuss's Cliff
Swallow, Red-breasted
Swallow, Red-chested
Swallow, Southern Rough-winged
Swallow, Tree
Swallow, Violet-green
Swallow, Welcome
Swallow, White-rumped
Swallow, White-throated
Swallow, Wire-tailed
Swamphen, Australasian
Swamphen, Western
Swan, Black
Swan, Black-necked
Swan, Mute
Swan, Whooper
Swiftlet, Black-nest
Swiftlet, Germain's
Sylph, Violet-tailed



Tailorbird, Ashy
Tailorbird, Common
Tailorbird, Dark-necked
Tailorbird, Mountain
Takahe, South Island
Tanager, Bay-headed
Tanager, Blue-grey
Tanager, Blue-necked
Tanager, Blue-winged Mountain
Tanager, Brazilian
Tanager, Burnished-buff
Tanager, Common Bush
Tanager, Crimson-collared
Tanager, Diademed
Tanager, Flame-faced
Tanager, Golden-chevroned
Tanager, Golden-hooded
Tanager, Green-headed
Tanager, Lemon-rumped
Tanager, Palm
Tanager, Passerini's
Tanagar, Ruby-crowned
Tanager, Scarlet
Tanager, Scarlet-bellied Mountain
Tanager, Silver-throated
Tanager, Summer
Tanager, Western
Tanager, White-lined
Tattler, Grey-tailed
Tchagra, Brown-crowned
Teal, Baikal
Teal, Chestnut
Teal, Green-winged
Teal, Grey
Teal, Red-billed
Teal, Sunda
Teal, Yellow-billed
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Caspian
Tern, Common
Tern, Forster's
Tern, Greater Crested

Tern, Gull-billed
Tern, Least
Tern, Little
Tern, Royal
Tern, Sandwich
Tern, Whiskered
Tern, White-fronted
Tesia, Grey-bellied
Thick-knee, Senegal
Thick-knee, Water
Thornbill, Striated
Thornbill, Yellow-rumped
Thornbird, Rufous-fronted
Thrasher, Brown
Thrasher, California
Thrasher, Curve-billed
Thrasher, Long-billed
Thrasher, Scaly-breasted
Thrush, African
Thrush, Austral
Thrush, Black-throated
Thrush, Blue Rock
Thrush, Clay-coloured
Thrush, Cocoa
Thrush, Creamy-bellied
Thrush, Ecuadorian
Thrush, Grey-cheeked
Thrush, Mistle
Thrush, Mountain
Thrush, Olive
Thrush, Orange-headed
Thrush, Pale-breasted
Thrush, Pied
Thrush, Rufous-bellied
Thrush, Siberian
Thrush, Song
Thrush, Sooty
Thrush, Spot-winged
Thrush, Sri Lanka
Thrush, Swainson's
Thrush, Varied
Thrush, White-throated Rock
Thrush, Wood
Tinkerbird, Red-rumped
Tinkerbird, Speckled
Tinkerbird, Yellow-fronted
Tinkerbird. Yellow-rumped
Tit, African Blue
Tit, Cinereous
Tit, Coal
Tit, Eurasian Blue
Tit, European Crested
Tit, Great
Tit, Long-tailed
Tit, Marsh
Tit, Sombre
Tit, Sultan
Tit, White-shoulderd Black
Tit, Willow
Tit-Tyrant, Tufted
Titmouse, Bridled
Tody-Flycatcher, Ochre-faced
Tody-Flycatcher, Yellow-lored
Toucan, Black-mandibled
Toucan, Channel-billed
Toucan, Plate-billed Mountain

Toucanet, Blue-throated
Toucanet, Crimson-rumped
Toucanet, Saffron
Toucanet, Spot-billed
Towhee, Abert's
Towhee, California
Towhee, Canyon
Towhee, Green-tailed
Treecreeper, Eurasian
Treepie, Racket-tailed
Treepie, Rufous
Treeswift, Grey-rumped
Trembler, Grey
Triller, White-shouldered
Trogon, Black-throated
Trogon, Ecuadorian
Trogon, Elegant
Trogon, Guayaquil

Trogon, Malabar
Trogon, Masked
Trogon, Orange-breasted
Trogon, Surucua
Tuftedcheek, Streaked
Turaco, Great Blue
Turkey, Wild
Turnstone, Ruddy
Tyrant, Cattle
Tyrant, Dark-faced Ground
Tyrant, Masked Water
Tyrant, Pied Water
Tyrant, Spectacled



Vanga, Hook-billed
Vanga, Nuthatch

Violetear, Brown
Violetear, Green
Vireo, Blue-headed
Vireo, Philadelphia
Vireo, Plumbeous
Vireo, Red-eyed
Vireo, Warbling
Vireo, Yellow-throated
Vulture, Black
Vulture, Hooded
Vulture, Palm-nut
Vulture, Turkey
Vulture, Lappet-faced
Vulture, Ruppell's
Vulture, White-backed
Vulture, White-headed



Wagtail, African Pied
Wagtail, Cape

Wagtail, Citrine
Wagtail, Forest
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, Madagascar
Wagtail, Mountain
Wagtail, Western Yellow
Wagtail, White

Wagtail, White-browed
Wagtail, Willie
Warbler, American Yellow
Warbler, Australian Reed
Warbler, Barred
Warbler, Basra Reed
Warbler, Bay-breasted
Warbler, Black-and-white
Warbler, Blackburnian
Warbler, Black-throated Blue
Warbler, Black-throated Green
Warbler, Canada
Warbler, Cetti's
Warbler, Chestnut-sided
Warbler, Dartford
Warbler, Dusky
Warbler, Eastern Olivaceous
Warbler, Eurasian Reed
Warbler, Garden
Warbler, Golden-cheeked
Warbler, Grasshopper
Warbler, Great Reed
Warbler, Hooded
Warbler, Hume's Leaf
Warbler, Lesser Swamp
Warbler, Magnolia
Warbler, Marsh
Warbler, Moustached Grass
Warbler, Myrtle
Warbler, Oriole
Warbler, Pallas's Leaf
Warbler, Palm
Warbler, Protonotory
Warbler, Red-winged
Warbler, St Lucia
Warbler, Sardinian
Warbler, Scrub
Warbler, Sedge
Warbler, Subalpine
Warbler, Tennessee
Warbler, Two-barred
Warbler, Western Bonelli's
Warbler, Willow
Warbler, Yellow-browed
Waterhen, White-breasted
Waterthrush, Lousiana
Waterthrush, Northern
Wattlebird, Red
Wattle-eye, Brown-throated
Waxbill, Black-crowned
Waxbill, Black-rumped
Waxbill, Common
Waxbill, Lavender
Waxbill, Orange-cheeked
Waxwing, Bohemian
Waxwing, Cedar
Weaver, Baglafecht
Weaver, Black-headed
Weaver, Black-necked
Weaver, Cape
Weaver, Golden Palm
Weaver, Maxwell's Black
Weaver, Orange
Weaver, Slender-billed
Weaver, Southern Masked
Weaver, Speke's
Weaver, Streaked
Weaver, Viellot's Black
Weaver, Village
Weaver, Vitelline Masked
Weaver, White-billed Buffalo
Wedgebill, Chirruping
Wheatear, Black-eared
Wheatear, Cyprus
Wheatear, Desert
Wheatear, Finsch's
Wheatear, Isabelline
Wheatear, Mourning
Wheatear, Northern
Wheatear, Pied
Wheatear, White-crowned
White-eye, African Yellow
White-eye, Black-capped
White-eye, Cape
White-eye, Madagascar
White-eye, Mees's
White-eye, Mountain
White-eye, Oriental
White-eye, Sri Lanka
Whiteface, Southern
Whitestart, Collared
Whitestart, Slate-throated
Whitethroat, Common
Whitethroat, Lesser
Whitetip, Purple-bibbed
Wigeon, American
Wigeon, Chiloe
Woodcock, Eurasian
Woodcreeper, Montane
Woodcreeper, Northern Barred
Woodcreeper, Plain-brown
Woodcreeper, Scaled
Woodcreeper, Spot-crowned
Woodcreeper, Spotted
Woodhoopoe, Green
Woodnymph, Green-crowned
Woodnymph, Violet-capped
Woodpecker, Acorn
Woodpecker, American Three-toed
Woodpecker, Black-backed
Woodpecker, Black-cheeked
Woodpecker, Blond-crested
Woodpecker, Cardinal
Woodpecker, Chestnut-coloured
Woodpecker, Crimson-winged
Woodpecker, Downy
Woodpecker, European Green
Woodpecker, Fine-spotted
Woodpecker, Fire-bellied
Woodpecker, Freckle-breasted
Woodpecker, Gila
Woodpecker, Golden-fronted
Woodpecker, Great Spotted
Woodpecker, Grey-capped Pygmy
Woodpecker, Guayaquil
Woodpecker, Hairy
Woodpecker, Heart-spotted
Woodpecker, Hoffman's
Woodpecker, Ladderbacked
Woodpecker, Magellanic
Woodpecker, Nubian
Woodpecker, Nuttall's
Woodpecker, Pale-billed
Woodpecker, Pileated
Woodpecker, Red-billed
Woodpecker, Red-cockaded
Woodpecker, Red-headed
Woodpecker, White-headed
Woodshrike, Large
Woodstar, Purple-throated
Woodstar, White-bellied
Woodswallow, Ashy
Woodswallow, Dusky
Woodswallow, Masked
Woodswallow, White-breasted
Woodswallow, White-browed
Wren, Cactus
Wren, Canyon
Wren, Carolina
Wren, House
Wren, Long-billed
Wren, Marsh
Wren, Ochraceous
Wren, Rock
Wren, Rufous
Wren, Sedge
Wren, Winter
Wryneck, Eurasian
Whydah, Exclamatory Paradise
Wydah, Pin-tailed



Xenops, Streaked



Yellowlegs, Greater
Yellowlegs, Lesser
Yellownape, Lesser
Yellowthroat, Common
Yuhina, Black-chinned




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